Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have a Party with me!

Yours — FREE
Invite friends and family for a fun night of personal shopping with Jewel Kade, and choose a FREE Host
Gift when your Party sales are just $100 or more (with a minimum of two orders).

Plus Jewel Kade KASH!

Along with your free Host Gift, you can easily earn Jewel Kade Kash to apply toward any JK purchases you want! Here’s how it works:
• When your Party sales are $100 — $1000, you’ll earn 10% of the Party total in Jewel Kade Kash.*
• When your Party Sales are $1001+, you’ll earn 15% of the Party total in Jewel Kade Kash.*

The Initials Collection

The Initials Collection is all about personal expression. From the sophisticated coy Sylvie to the regally vintage Bronté,
you can celebrate your own style in style. Many of the charms feature beveled glass and German glass glitter — some even
dazzle with Swarovski crystals. Select a few to go with your different looks, and be sure to pick out some for those you love
— the Initials Collection makes ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays and special thank you’s.
When you order: Select the charm that fits your style, and simply tell us which initial you’d like to go with it.

Jewel Kade Holiday Charms are Here!

order your charms today!

Introducing Jewel Kade

Jewel Kade launched in 2008, and the company has quickly established itself as a highly recognizable jewelry brand – already appearing on American Idol 2009. With its distinctive charmware, Jewel Kade is known for its quality pewter frames, hand-cut glass, high-caliber embellishments and intriguing artwork.

Founder Janet Kinkade has surrounded herself with a team of industry professionals, and now Jewel Kade Stylists are able to bring her designs to fashion-forward people everywhere. Through exciting Parties at home or the office, you can enjoy Jewel Kade’s uniquely personal designs through a uniquely personal – and fun – shopping experience. And with the company’s expertly designed home-based business program, Jewel Kade has already become a premier career opportunity for successful Stylists across the country.

Monday, April 27, 2009

B's Purses 2009 Spring

2009 Spring Line

Come visit me at to design your new purse.

Featured on "The View" and "Rachel Ray"! to design your one-of-a-kind Handbag, backpack, tennis tote or garment bag online!

GIFT CARDS available!

Looking for an opportunity to make money while having fun with friends and family? Have parties featuring B's Purses and share the purses that everyone is talking about!


Call today to schedule your home party!

Tracey L. Schofield

B's Designer


Functional and fashionable Baby bags

If you are looking for a baby bag that has personality and is fashionable instead of frumpy and only functional, you should definitely check out On you can customize your very own baby bag, The Scottsdale, by choosing the fabric (inside and out), handle, piping, monogramming (her name or the baby's), plastic liner, and label to fit any style, stroller, or accessory. Once you got the baby bag ,add your other baby accessories.